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Aloha ke Akua:
To recognize ke Akua (God) as the supreme being, to acknowledge His hand in all things, and to be appreciative of His many blessings.

To love others as one’s self and to do so unconditionally, living a life of charity, compassion, and forgiveness towards others.

To be humble, grateful, and teachable; treating others with respect and Aloha. To recognize and appreciate ke Akua’s hand in all things and to be submissive to His will at all times.

To think, speak, and act in a manner that is honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men. To be balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

To recognize the ‘Ohana (family) as the fundamental building block that makes up the very fabric of the community, society, and lāhui (nation). Strong families = strong communities and strong communities = a strong lāhui. As such, the ‘ohana and those individuals making up the ‘ohana unit (kamali‘i, makua, and kupuna) must be cherished, respected, and protected.

To find, learn, and preserve one’s genealogy; to know who we are by knowing where we came from. In knowing our genealogy we can bind ourselves to our kupuna (ancestors), who in turn, can inspire, guide, and protect us.

ʻImi naʻauao:
To seek enlightenment, not only the acquirement of knowledge, but of true intelligence, that is, to use knowledge in a Pono way.

To understand and fulfill one’s area of responsibility and stewardship as a privilege and honor.

To mālama (care for) the physical and spiritual well being of persons and places you have Kuleana.

To seek harmony, peace, unity, collaboration, and balance.

To be steadfast, firm, constant, immovable, loyal, and faithful to that which is Pono.

To develop the virtues of the koa (warrior) including, courage, loyalty, justice, mercy, generosity, hope, faith (in ke Akua), and nobility (to act nobly); and to exercise these virtues in the Pono defense and advancement of the individual, ‘ohana, community, and Lāhui (Country).

Aloha ʻAinā:
To develop and promote great aloha for kulaiwi (homeland) and Lāhui (Country).

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