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Sovereigns, Ali‘i ‘Ai Moku, and Ali‘i Nui.

The Order of Kamehameha I (Order) was established by King Kamehameha V on April 11, 1865 as a Monarchical Order of Chivalry (Association of Knights) where the Grand Master (Head of the Order) was the Sovereign of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i (1865 to 1893). Following the overthrow of Queen Lili‘uokalani and the Kingdom in 1893, the Order evolved into a Confraternal Order of Chivalry, where the Grand Master became an elected office. From 1907 to 1983 the title of Grand Master was also called Ali‘i ‘Ai Moku. In 1983, the dual title of Grand Master and Ali‘i ‘Ai Moku was changed to Grand Master and Ali‘i Nui, as it remains today.


King Kamehameha V
1st Grand Master of the Order and Sovereign of Hawai‘i
Reign: November 30, 1863 – December 11, 1872

King Lunalilo
2nd Grand Master of the Order and Sovereign of Hawai‘i
Reign: January 08, 1873 to February 03, 1874

King Kalakaua
3rd Grand Master of the Order and Sovereign of Hawai‘i
Reign:  February 12, 1874 to January 20, 1891

Queen Lili‘uokalani
4th Grand Master of the Order and Sovereign of Hawai‘i
Reign: January 20, 1891 to January 17, 1893


Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniana‘ole Pi‘ikoi (Last designated heir to the throne)
5th Grand Master and 1st Ali‘i ‘Ai Moku of the Order
Served: May 13, 1903 till his death on January 07, 1922

Historical Note: Following the unlawful overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i in 1893, Prince Jonah Kūhiō reorganized the Order in 1903. As the last surviving designated heir to the throne, had it not been for the overthrow, Prince Kūhiō would have succeeded Queen Lili‘uokalani as King of Hawai‘i and Grand Master of the Order. As such, Prince Kūhiō possessed the mana (authority and power) to reorganize and perpetuate the Royal Order of Kamehameha I as it exists today.

Ali‘i Sir William Chung Hoon, Jr.
Acting Ali‘i ‘Ai Moku and Grand Master of the Order
during 1 year mourning period for Prince Kūhiō
Treasurer City and County of Honolulu and father of Admiral Gordon Pai‘ea Chung-Hoon, fist Hawaiian Admiral in the United States Navy
Served: January 07, 1922 to January 30, 1923

Ali‘i Sir John C. Lane
6th Grand Master and 2nd Ali‘i ‘Ai Moku of the Order
Hawai‘i Territorial Senate, Mayor of Honolulu, High Sheriff of Territory of Hawai‘i.
Served: January 30, 1923 to 1948

Ali‘i Sir John R. Desha
7th Grand Master and 3rd Ali‘i ‘Ai Moku of the Order
B. A. Harvard University, Secretary to the late Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniana‘ole Pi‘ikoi, Appointed Judge, Circuit Court.
Served: c. 1948 to 1953

Ali‘i Sir Fong Lang Akana
8th Grand Master and 4th Ali‘i ‘Ai Moku of the Order
Chief Deputy to Olympic Medalist and Surf Icon, Sheriff Duke P. Kahanamoku
Served: c. 1953 to 1958

Ali‘i Sir Arthur Kailua Kinney Sr.
9th Grand Master and 5th Ali‘i ‘Ai Moku of the Order
Born in ‘Ele‘ele and raised at the McBryde Sugar Co. Mill Camp on Kauai, Kinney, was active in community affairs, also served as Kaua‘i District President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was a commercial fisherman.  During his childhood, his father owned a dairy in Wahiawa Valley, just above where the present bridge spans the valley. In the early morning hours before school, he and his brothers would ride horseback to the dairy from McBryde Mill Camp to help milk his father’s 17 cows and store the milk in a cooling room. Then they would walk to Hanapepe School in Hanapepe town, or to ‘Ele‘ele School, following Hanapepe School’s closing in 1911. After school, they’d assist their father’s dairyman, John Rita, in delivering five-gallon cans of milk in a horse-drawn wagon to Hanapepe and Makaweli, where they sold milk to housewives for 5 cents a quart.

As a boy, Kinney saw the inter-island steamships S. S. Kinau and S. S. Claudine at Port Allen anchored in deep water, while lighters transported goods and passengers between the steamers and shore. He also recalled eating shave ice covered with strawberry syrup at the horse racing track in Kukuiolono Park, Kalaheo.  Kinney and his first wife, Lei Watt Kinney, had three children. After Lei Watt died, he married Bessie Wiebke.  Served: 1958 to 1964

Ali‘i Sir Charles Ernest Kauhane
10th Grand Master and 6th Ali‘i ‘Ai Moku of the Order
Hawai‘i Territorial House of Representative, Speaker of Hawai‘i Territory House of Representatives
Served: August 14, 1965 until his death on September 05, 1982

[Adrian E. Hussey after (1990 if at all)
1982 Lyons Naone II
Hine Kamai
William Burges


Ali‘i Sir Clifford Frances Kanehoalani Anderson
11th Grand Master and 1st Ali‘i Nui of the Order
Served: September 05, 1982 to c. 1992 (at least)

Ali‘i Sir Gabriel Kamohoali‘i Makuakane
12th Grand Master and 2nd Ali‘i Nui of the Order
Served: c. 1999 to 2004

Ali‘i Sir Herman Kanae
13h Grand Master and 3rd Ali‘i Nui of the Order
Served: November 10, 2001 to December 04, 2010

Ali‘i Sir Clifford Kapule Hashimoto
14th Grand Master and 4th Ali‘i Nui of the Order
Served: 2005 to October 17, 2009

Historical Note:
Differences in the interpretation of the By-Laws of the Order resulted in a temporary division of the Order (2000 to 2010) resulting in two separate organizations under Makuakani and Kanae.  Under the collaborative guidance of Ali‘i Nui Herman Kanae and Ali‘i Nui William Roback, the Oder was unified on 12/04/2010. Though the division was unfortunate, the Order emerged a stronger and more focused organization.

Ali‘i Sir William F. Roback Jr.
15th Grand Master and 5th Ali‘i Nui of the Order
Serve: October 17, 2009 to present

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